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Angels' Haven
Mosaic Tour participants spend the day with children from Angels' Haven.



The WINGS program is dedicated to helping women and youth in Korea. By establishing WINGS, Me & Korea secures funds and resources to help women and children in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Make a direct impact

100% of WINGS donations are provided to the organizations we serve.

Angels' Haven

Angels' Haven was founded in 1959 to help children orphaned by the Korean War, and continues to provide residential care for around 80 newborns through young adults, up to age 21.

Throughout the year, Me & Korea provides birthday cakes, Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, and other treats for the children living at Angels' Haven. All donations received go directly to the purchase of these items.

Ae Ran Won

Ae Ran Won has multiple locations to help single mothers and their children in Korea.

Ae Ran Won supports single pregnant women and those who gave birth within the past 6 months; the Ae Ran Won Mother & Baby Home supports unwed mothers who want to keep their babies; and Ae Ran Won Seumter serves adolescent mothers who have placed their babies for adoption and cannot return to their homes because of familial shame and abuse.

Sunlit Sisters’ Center

The Sunlit Sisters’ Center opened in 2002 to support Korean women who worked in the camptowns surrounding U.S. army bases, including as sex workers, during and after the Korean War. The Center provides medical care, basic needs, legal assistance, and community for women who are living with the long-term effects of having worked in the sex industry.

Me & Korea supports the Center throughout the year, in honor of mixed-race Korean adoptees.

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merry merry!

Wings Holiday Gift Fund

It’s that time of year again! Our 2018 Wings Holiday Gift Fund is happening now! All donations help us fund Christmas parties and gift purchases for Angels’ Haven, Ae Ran Won, and Sunlit Sisters’ Center. Excess funds from this drive not used for holiday purchases will be used for other events throughout the year at all three organizations!

Update: We met our 2018 WINGS Holiday Fundraising goal (before our deadline)! Thank you to everyone who donated and promoted this now annual effort. Stay tuned for some final tallies on how many gifts we purchased, number of families helped, and total dollars raised.

If you’d still like to make donation to WINGS, it’s not too late. We will use your donation towards other WINGS activities in the upcoming year. Use the button below to make a donation!

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Your donation provides funding for birthday celebrations, fun activities, offsite events, graduation gifts, and the annual Christmas party.



Your donation helps fund offsite events for residents, seasonal holiday events like Chuseok, and more.



Your donation helps fund offsite events for residents, seasonal holiday events like Chuseok, and more.