Adoptee Resources


Birth Family Searches

Your birth family and/or origin search can be a profound, exciting, joyful, and frustrating journey. This section discusses the various options Korean adoptees have when it comes to searches, and also includes stories from adoptees who have successfully found their families.


Adoptee Voices

Dedicated in September 2018 in the city of Paju, Omma Poom is the first ever memorial for Korean adoptees. As part of the dedication, adoptees from all over the world submitted photos and letters with personal messages, which were displayed at the park. Me & Korea is pleased to announce it will soon feature a database of the photos and letters on our site. Stay tuned for more!


Visiting Korea

Each summer, Me & Korea hosts a Mosaic Tour for Korean adoptees. However, for individuals planning their own trips back to Korea, please check out our tour page to get insights from past tour members on what Korea is like, what to pack, and what to expect.


Dazzling Hope

For over 15 years, Professor Keon-Su Lee has dedicated his professional life to finding missing persons and reuniting them with loved ones in Korea. Me & Korea raised funds for and assisted with the translation of Professor Lee's book into English so that it could be made available to a broader audience. From his early days as a young police officer with the Namyangju Police in Gyeonggi Province to becoming a Team Leader with the Korean National Police Agency, in Dazzling Hope, Professor Lee reflects on the families who have reunited and the ones who are still searching.