Tour Prep Checklist


While the tour is still some months away, below is a list of things you should get in order as soon as possible. We've listed each item in order of importance by its deadline to keep you on track!  Please read through each item and email with any questions!

1. Due as soon as possible:


1. Pay your $250 tour deposit fee.

You can pay online here.

2. secure a passport (check the expiration date!)

Ensure you have a valid passport that will not expire before November 2019. Email a photocopy of your passport to

3. Complete Adoption Information Disclosure Forms

Fill out your Petition for Adoption Information Disclosure. These forms are specific to your adoption agency, and some require two forms. Click below to download the required corresponding forms. Example forms are available for guidance, at right.

KSS: 1 2 | SWS: 1 2 | Eastern: 1 2 | Holt | All Others

4. Send us your adoption records

Email electronic copies of all available adoption records to

5. Provide your flight information

Once available, input your flight information into this spreadsheet. Or, if you prefer, email your flight info to Be sure to check out our suggested arrival and departure dates, below!


About Petition for Adoption Information Disclosure Forms

Click below to view guided examples of these forms. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our tour volunteers with questions.

KSS | SWS | Eastern | Holt | All Others

About your Adoption Records / Your adoption records/paperwork will assist us in making your experience in Korea unique to you, and also assist us in your birth family search. If you do not have your adoption paperwork, please contact post-adoption services at the adoption agency your parents worked with, to obtain a copy. The sooner we receive your documents, the more time we have to research. If you’re not sure where to obtain your records, email us at

About Passports / If you do not currently have a passport, please apply for one as soon as possible. In some areas, passports can take 4-6 weeks to process, so don’t delay!

Submitting your items / If possible, please send the documents listed to the left within the same email as attachments. However, if you need time to gather up your records or other info, you can send multiple emails as you complete each item.


We know everyone's birth search process and/or meaningful place visit planning is unique. If you have a question about your specific search or visit, or about communicating with your adoption agency, please email Minyoung directly at


2. Due by February 9, 2019


1. Passport Photocopies

If you recently obtained a passport, do not forget to email a photocopy of it to

2. Complete the pre-tour survey

Complete the pre-tour survey, so we can learn about any preferences or special needs you have while on tour. Complete the survey here.

3. Photo waiver

Sign and return the photo waiver. You can download the form here. Email your form to


3. Due by February 28, 2019


1. Send a revised biography

Details: You have all submitted a bio as part of your application, but now is your chance to edit or resubmit it.

Please note that these will be published in the tour brochure and the primary audience will be Koreans, with the purpose of sharing your story with them. As such, you don't need to include details like your family members' names or specific details (such as addresses) from your adoption file.

Please keep these to 400-500 words. Please also save these with your name as the name of the document. We will be reach out to you individually if any edits are needed. If you have questions about what details or info to include, please reach out to any of our tour staff!

Also, a note: We understand that writing your biography may stir up some unexpected emotions. Know that we are sensitive to this, and to the emotions you may experience as you share your news with others and prepare for the trip. Our private tour Facebook group is a great place to share your experience if you need to. Or, please feel free to reach out to any of the tour staff members to chat. Our goal is to support you!

Email your final bio and your photos (see right) to

2. Send tour photos:

We'll need images of you to use for our tour brochure and a few other places as we travel throughout Korea. Email the below images to

Two poster pictures / Please gather a photo of you as a baby or child, and another present day photo. These will be used in our tour brochure, and at the elementary school visit. Please label each photo with your name and age label (for example: "Joe_old", "Joe_current"). For the old photo, this image will preferably have been taken in Korea, or another early photo of you. For the current photo, use a headshot or another photo with a clear face shot. This will be given to the school for the children to make welcome posters. NOTE: The photos will be printed and enlarged, so high resolution images are strongly recommended.

Brochure Pictures / This should be an assortment of 5-10 photos from various stages of life. They will be printed alongside your revised biography in our tour brochure. Please name them with your first name and a numeral, for example: "Joe_1", "Joe_2". 


Bio and photos help!

Not sure about your bio or the types of photos to submit? Check out the samples below from our tour volunteers. The two photos at the top of each sample page correspond to the "poster" pictures described above. The photos at the bottom of the page correspond to the remaining 5-10 brochure photos each tour member sent in.

Sample 1|Sample 2|Sample 3